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The EASYbilling platform is a secure, intuitive, end-to-end tool that allows to easily create and manage business quotations, work orders, delivery notes and invoices. 

EASYbilling is highly flexible and can be automatically integrated into widely marketed accounting systems such as Winbiz. It allows to stay on top of the company’s administrative management.


- Creation and follow-up of business quotations

- Writing work orders and delivery notes 

- Billing and outsourcing of the entire collection process (printing, enveloping, posting, updating open items)

- Automatic forwarding of outstanding accounts for legal debt collection

- Accounting entries recorded directly in Winbiz (via API)

- Statistics and reporting (aging list, third-party account statement etc.)


  • Phone support languages: German, English, French
  • Email support languages: German, English, French
  • Phone support number: 021 966 04 04
  • Email support address: it@easybilling.ch


  1. Contact Debitors management

Operation performed by the application:

  • Import accounting entries.
  • Read the adresses.
  • Read the information linked to the commercial documents: total turnover, by document category, by item group, etc.
  • Import commercial documents.
  • Read the Payment Methods.
  • Read the folders list.

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