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Acctive is an easy-to-use app that will enable the accounting department of your company to go digital easily with modern management tools.

With Acctive, you will be able to:
- Digitalize your documents easily and safely
- Reduce your bookkeeping time thanks to artificial intelligence and automation
- Manage an easy and robust expenses approval process for all your employees
- Use modern reporting tools for your management
- Decrease your administration costs while improving your internal controls and compliance.

Prices depend on your needs and volume of documents. Contact us for a demo.


Phone support languages: French, English
Email support languages: French, English
Phone support number: 022 548 30 60
Email support address:


Please contact us (022 548 30 60) or directly on to activate your licence.

Operation performed by the application:

  • Read the information linked to the accounting accounts: account description, balances and budgets.
  • Import accounting entries.
  • Read the adresses.
  • Import commercial documents.
  • Read information linked to documents: open amount, status, etc.
  • Read the folders list.

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