Connecteur Pulse Medica
  • Connecteur Pulse Medica

Connecteur Pulse Medica

per month and per user.
Subscription renewed automatically.

The Connector Pulse Medica allows users of the medical practice management application "Pulse Medica" to transfer data regarding invoices and acquittals directly into their Winbiz Cloud instance.


  • Transfer data


  • Phone support languages: French, English
  • Email support languages: French, English
  • Phone support number: 0840 33 66 99
  • Email support address:


Call Pulse Medica Helpdesk (0840 33 66 99) in order to activate the winbiz export functionnalities in your Pulse Medica account.

Operation performed by the application:

  • Read the information linked to the accounting accounts: account description, balances and budgets.
  • Read the information linked to the accounting accounts: balances in local and foreign currency.
  • Read the analytical chart of accounts
  • Read the adresses.
  • Read the adresses short description.
  • Read the adresses unique identifier.
  • Read the statistics linked to the adresses: open balance, open documents, starting debtor balance, total of sales and purchases, etc.
  • Read the accounting methods.
  • Read the accounting methods linked to the adresses.
  • Read the information linked to the commercial documents: total turnover, by document category, by item group, etc.
  • Read the Payment Terms.
  • Read the Invoice Layouts.
  • Read the documents' messages.
  • Read the Payment Methods.
  • Read a field of a table, if a given value exists in the specified field.
  • Read the folders list.

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