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The Winbiz app allows you to scan the QR-codes that are on the new QR-invoices you receive from your creditors. The data that are scanned are verified by the app, that can automatically create the invoice in Winbiz Cloud. Later on, you just need to create a payment order to pay the invoices according to their payment terms.

In order to use the Winbiz App you must:

1. Order it for free on this site, adding it to the cart

2. Download it and install it on your smartphone using the following links:

Google Play Store:

Apple Store:


Phone support languages: French, German

Email support languages: French, German

Phone support number: 058 200 25 04

Email support address:


In order to be able to read the QR-codes you must:

1. Log to the app using your Company Name and your login data (user name and password)

2. Select the folder and the fiscal year in which you want to save the invoices you scan

3. Scan the QR codes using your phone’s camera

4. Confirm and save the creditor invoices

It is possible to change the accounting folder at the menu: Other, Change the accounting folder

It is also possible to change the logged in user at the menu: Other, Logout

Operation performed by the application:

  • Import commercial documents.
  • Read a field of a table, if a given value exists in the specified field.
  • Read a field of a table, if a given value exists in the specified field.
  • Read the folders list.

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