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per month and per user.
Subscription renewed automatically.

proxymetee offers a complete solution for processing your incoming invoices and bank statements.

This flow allows you, in a few clicks, to scan your documents, to classify them, to validate them and to generate the accounting entries in WinBiz.

Reduce drastically your input time, streamline your process and focus on your high value-added tasks!

Proxyscan implementation:

  • Winbiz Cloud Connector: Free
  • Initial services (functional analysis, project management, etc.): to be defined
  • Monthly subscription (hosting, support and maintenance): related to your volume of documents

proxymetee is at your disposal for a presentation of its solution and for any questions.

More information on


Phone support languages: French

Email support languages: French, German, Italian, English

Phone support number: 079 732 8826

Email support address:


Contact proxymetee at or at

Operation performed by the application:

  • Read the information linked to the accounting accounts: account description, balances and budgets.
  • Import accounting entries.
  • Read the adresses.
  • Read the accounting methods.
  • Import commercial documents.
  • Read a field of a table, if a given value exists in the specified field.
  • Read a field of a table, if a given value exists in the specified field.
  • Read the folders list.

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